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Ozzy Osbourne will help his wife and manager Sharon celebrate her 60th birthday on Tuesday (October 9th), when he makes an appearance on The Talk, the CBS daytime show co-hosted by Sharon. The program will also feature appearances from other family members and friends, including the Osbournes' daughter and Fashion Police co-host Kelly. It is not known yet whether their son Jack, who was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis earlier this year, will appear as well.

Although he did once star in The Osbournes and a family own variety show, Ozzy told us he's not as interested in doing TV as others in his brood: "You're not gonna see me doing a f***in' game show, I promise you. I don't like doing TV, but you know, it's a family concern so I suppose I have to pull up for the family once in a while."

Ozzy and the rest of the original lineup of Black Sabbath -- minus drummer Bill Ward -- have been working on their first studio album since 1978 for much of the past year.

The band's world tour plans were put on hold after guitarist Tony Iommi was diagnosed with cancer earlier this year, forcing Black Sabbath to cancel all but two festival dates -- at Download in the U.K. and Lollapalooza in the U.S. -- after announcing their reunion last November.

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