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Slash is apparently so tired of talking about his past that he is now issuing a list of seven rules to journalists ahead of interviews. According to the New Zealand Herald, which got the list, the rules are designed to make reporters focus on the guitarist's present and future -- which includes his current album, Apocalyptic Love, his touring schedule and band, and his future plans -- instead of his past with Guns N' Roses.

The rules are:

Guns N' Roses is a topic that Slash can briefly touch on.

You can briefly discuss the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame induction -- but only to the extent of the honor of that.

You can't talk about the ceremony itself and Axl (Rose, Guns singer) not showing up and their performance, etc.

No questions about Axl whatsoever.

No questions about a possible Guns N' Roses reunion.

No "on the road" stories or historic infamous type stories based around Guns N' Roses.

There has to be a focus on what he's doing now and forthcoming events/plans.

Slash is touring Australia and New Zealand at the moment behind Apocalyptic Love, his second solo album and the first recorded with his touring band, Myles Kennedy & The Conspirators. The group starts a U.S. tour on September 4th in San Diego.

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