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Pete Townshend has announced that his long-awaited memoir, Who I Am, will be published on October 8th through Harper Collins. Townshend, who's last book was 1985's fictional Horse's Neck, talked about the new autobiography in the book's press release saying, "I am lucky to be alive and to have such a crazy story to tell, full of wild adventures and creative machinations. I am happy that I am able to write my book myself, in my own 'voice' that many readers will be hearing for the first time. I am not my favorite subject, that will always be art and music, but whenever I write about my life and work I learn something."

Townshend and Roger Daltrey spoke about the possibilities of new music from the Who in the near future: "(Pete Townshend): The only thing is is that I'm not sure whether what I write today, y'know, whether you can rubber stamp it as 'Who music.' But what I think we found was Roger and I will adapt to whatever happens and whatever I write and we'll see what happens, so all I can do is write the music and pass it to Roger and see what happens. (Roger Daltrey): I just think whatever you write, even if it's a piece of jazz, and it's got words and you play it, and I sing it -- that's Who music. That'll do me."

The Who kicks off its Quadrophenia & More Tour on November 1st in Sunrise, Florida at BankAtlantic Center.

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