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The Who will release its latest vault concert on DVD on October 9th, called Live In Texas '75. The show was videotaped during the Who's November 20th, 1975 concert at the Summit in Houston during the band's tour behind that year's The Who By Numbers album. The footage was shown on the Summit's in-house video system and has been one of the most popular video bootlegs of the Who's career. The sound for the show has been cleaned up by Pete Townshend's former brother-in-law, longtime Who engineer and archivist, Jon Astley.

The tracklisting to The Who's Live In Texas '75 is: "Substitute," "I Can't Explain," "Squeeze Box," "Baba O'Riley," "Boris The Spider," "Drowned," "However Much I Booze," "Dreaming From The Waist," "Behind Blue Eyes," "Amazing Journey/Sparks, "The Acid Queen," "Fiddle About," "Pinball Wizard," "I'm Free," "Tommy's Holiday Camp," "We're Not Going To Take It/See Me, Feel Me/Listening To You," Summertime Blues," "My Generation," "Join Together," "Naked Eye," "Roadrunner," "Won't Get Fooled Again," "Magic Bus," and "My Generation Blues."

Roger Daltrey told us that during the golden days of the Who, the band had to juggle the whims of several different audiences attending the same show: "There was always a bunch of hardcore fans that wanted to hear more obscure, older stuff; We had the record companies that wanted us to promote the up-to-date album -- so, there are actually three things -- and we also had an audience that were only familiar with the kind of Who stuff that they were hearing on the radio at the time."

Pete Townshend recalled that during the mid-'70s, his tenure in the Who -- especially when on the road -- had become unbearable: "I always felt uncomfortable, I always felt ill at ease. And my wife, for example, it drove her nuts, y'know? I would come back from a tour and she'd say, 'Well, what was it like?' And I'd say, 'It was hell!' And she'd say, 'Well, why do you do it?' And I would say, 'Because I don't have a choice.' And she'd say, 'Well you do have a choice.' And I'd say, 'Well, I don't have a choice! I don't have a choice!' I felt trapped. I felt imprisoned. But I also felt that as a band, we were performing a function."

The Who kicks off its Quadrophenia & More Tour on November 1st in Sunrise, Florida at Bank Atlantic Center.

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