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A new book compiling excerpts from over 50 hours of Jimmy Page interviews will be published on October 23rd, according to Ultimate Classic Rock. The groundbreaking new book, titled, Light & Shade: Conversations With Jimmy Page by journalist Brad Tolinski, features the Led Zeppelin guitarist talking freely about his time as a session musician in the mid-1960's, his tenure in the Yardbirds, his work as part of Led Zeppelin, his experiences with the occult -- as well as meeting early hero Elvis Presley while on the road with Zeppelin.

Slash was quoted as saying about the book; "This is the most comprehensive and compelling collection of interviews, insights and historical anecdotes of one of rock and roll's premier guitarists, songwriters and producers ever compiled. A fascinating must-have for Jimmy Page fans like myself."

Jimmy Page told us that after all the success Led Zeppelin had, the real reward has been that the music has lasted so long: "The most satisfying, the most rewarding part of it, is having been part of music like that, which has stood up to the test of time. Every musician hopes that their music will hold up. And it's wonderful."

Peter Frampton has been close friends with Page since the mid-'60s. He frequently watched Zeppelin record in the early '70s at London's Olympic Studios, while taking breaks from his own recordings and was consistently impressed with Jimmy Page's guitar technique: "He's a very well-rounded player. His technique on acoustic is phenomenal. And he uses various different open tunings. He tunes his guitar down and there's a special 'Jimmy Page' tuning (laughs) that he uses on a lot of the stuff."

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