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The Who will make its first appearance of the year on Sunday (August 12th) during the closing ceremonies of the Olympic games in London. As he did with the band's 2010 Super Bowl appearance, Roger Daltrey has crafted a medley of sorts for the Who to play, which will represent the band's place in 20th century British rock.

Daltrey and Pete Townshend spoke about the piece, which they'll perform with their live band -- with Daltrey quick to point out that Sunday's appearance shouldn't be considered a "Who show" by any means: "(Daltrey) It's not about the Who -- it's about much, much more. We're there to represent what the show is supposed to be about, which is the art that's come out of England and I think the music that I've come up with, it's a great representation of. . . (Townshend) Even if he says so himself! (Daltrey) I do (laughter) -- I'm extremely proud of it, I am, I'm very proud of it. (Townshend) It works, it definitely works. I suppose you would call it a, you might call it a 'medley' -- but it's not that. It's a very carefully structured piece (Daltrey) I put an awful lot of salt in it. (Townshend) Yeah (laughter) and it works incredibly well."

The Who kicks off its Quadrophenia & More tour on November 1st in Sunrise, Florida at Bank Atlantic Center.

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