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Red Hot Chili Peppers bassist Flea revealed via Twitter on Monday (August 6th) that the first of nine singles the band is releasing, each containing two previously unreleased tracks from the sessions for their 2011 album I'm With You, will roll out this Friday (August 10th) instead of the previously announced date of August 14th. The first pair of tracks to be released are "Strange Man" and "Long Progression." Drummer Chad Smith told us why the group decided to issue this material now: "We just wanted them to come out because we just really like 'em and they would have got lost in the -- they would have waited for the, like, you know, the Warner Bros. box set in 2020, if there's even a record company around then, who knows. So we didn't want them to get lost."

Each single will be available worldwide both digitally and on vinyl, with two songs per seven-inch disc.

The second single -- "Magpies" and "Victorian Machinery" -- is scheduled to come out on September 11th, 2012.

The third pair arrives on October 2nd. The fourth, fifth and sixth pairs will show up on November 6th, December 4th and December 18th respectively, with the final two releases coming in early 2013.

Each of the nine seven-inches released will be able to be combined by fans to create one larger piece of artwork done by Kelsey Brookes.

The Chili Peppers just headlined the storm-delayed Saturday (August 4th) line of Lollapalooza in Chicago and will resume the I'm With You tour in Los Angeles this weekend.

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