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Robert Plant has just rush released a surprise live album from his new band Sensational Space Shifters, featuring the band's second show recorded only two weeks ago in London. Ultimate Classic Rock reported that the 15-track-collection, called Robert Plant Presents Sensational Space Shifters 7/12/12 HMV Forum, London, GB, includes a mixture of "songs from Plant and (Patty) Griffin's solo careers, covers of blues classics by Howlin' Wolf and John Mayall, and of course a handful of Led Zeppelin classics." The Space Shifters features Patty Griffin and members of Plant's pre-Band Of Joy group, Strange Sensations, including frequent Plant collaborator Justin Adams.

The tracklisting for Robert Plant Presents Sensational Space Shifters 7/12/12 HMV Forum, London, GB is: "Fixin' to Die," "Tin Pan Valley," "'44," "Friends," "Spoonful," "Bron-Y-Aur-Stomp," "Ohio," "No Bad News," "Standing," "Black Dog," "Somebody Knocking," "Witchdoctor," "Whole Lotta Love"/"Steal Away"/"Bury My Body," "Another Tribe," and "Gallows Pole."

Robert Plant told us that in his solo career, the music he tends to cover traces a different historical path than Zeppelin's tried and true blues reinterpretations: "Led Zeppelin played quite a lot of tunes which we took from the Chicago genre, and this is me taking tunes from perhaps an area which I probably wasn't able to touch on quite so much, previously. In '68, '69, we were looking directly back into one particular, physical area of music, whereas this is a kind of a reflection -- or I'm seeing the reflection -- of so much, so many of my early inspirational sources."

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