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While Rolling Stones fans are chomping at the bit for any news regarding the band's upcoming 50th anniversary dates -- Charlie Watts seems to want the shows to be kept at a minimum. Watts joked to NME, "The tours are two years long, so I'm living with Ronnie Wood for all that time. I don't need to see him for another two years. In the mid-'60s, the tours would be a trip around England, then a trip around America, then recording in America, back to Europe, England, to America. You were living together the whole time. You'd get a month off at the most."

Watts, who's renown for his dry wit, went on to deadpan: "You were younger though, and also you were more photogenic, to be honest. I don't think Keith (Richards) would want you photographing him at two in the morning now."

Mick Jagger, who earlier this month revealed that the Stones would be back onstage sometime this fall, plans out all the band's stage logistics with Charlie Watts. He told us that the type of venue has always dictated how many bells and whistles get added to the show: "It depends where you're touring. So, in the early-'60s, we were playing in theaters, y'know, people don't do a tremendous amount of all that stuff. I mean, it was going on in the '60s, that's where it all started, I mean, there was a lot of that. But y'know, we'd go and play a theater show there's very little. . . so I think in the Circus Krone show (in Munich) I shouldn't think there'd be very much pyrotechnics. But, if you're playing in the big stadium, you've got to do something visual. I don't think you could just go on, y'know."

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