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Aerosmith bassist Tom Hamilton spoke with Brave Words about singer Steven Tyler's decision to exit his role as judge on American Idol after two seasons, saying that Tyler made his choice after a series of band meetings aimed at working around the show's schedule. Hamilton explained, "The thing is it turned out to be quite a demand on his time. The whole plan of how we were going to deal with Idol is something we hammered out last year. It almost got to the point of using real hammers."

While Hamilton said that Idol did not cut too badly into the recording of Aerosmith's new album, he added that touring in support of the new set would have been a problem: "What would have slowed us down is if we released the album and only had a few weeks to tour behind it. What pleases me most is that if we want to extend the tour we can now do it. He's free of his day job -- he can come back to his hobby."

Tyler's decision to join Idol two years ago stunned his bandmates, coming shortly after his relapse into drug addiction nearly cost him his job with Aerosmith.

The issue was eventually resolved and Aerosmith's first all-new album in 11 years, Music From Another Dimension, is now coming out on November 6th.

We asked Hamilton to give us a sense of how the album sounds: "The album, in my opinion, really pays attention to all the different eras of the band. The '70s era -- you know, there's all-out riff-rock songs -- and then the latter stuff that's more melodic, ballady stuff so that we can have girls in our audience. I think that it just kind of reflects all the different eras of our career."

Although the record was delayed from its original late August release date, Hamilton said that the band has no desire to go back and tinker with the disc.

The new album was produced by Jack Douglas, who worked on early Aerosmith classics like Rocks and Toys In The Attic. Hamilton said about collaborating with Douglas again, "Jack developed his relationship with us before we were 'rock stars.' That's what made this album possible."

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