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The Rolling Stones have denied that they are currently rehearsing with former bassist Bill Wyman for a gig this weekend in Paris, France. According to Paris Match and Direct Matin, the Stones, along with their usual supplemental musicians, have been rehearsing at Studio de la Grande Armee for a proposed July 29th show at the Olympia Theatre. According to the reports, the Stones have until today (Tuesday, July 24th) to decide whether or not they'll definitely be playing the 1,772-seat theater. Rolling Stones Examiner posted: "The (Stones') additional players and singers were asked to interrupt their holidays and return to France for the (rehearsal) sessions."

The Rolling Stones' Twitter account posted a message denying that the show is taking place, saying: "Hey fans, the Paris Match story is a fabrication. The band are NOT rehearsing at Studio de la Grande Armee &have no plans to play the Olympia."

Last week, Mick Jagger confirmed that fans can expect to see the Stones back onstage sometime this fall.

After 50 years in the public eye, we asked Mick Jagger what he recalls about his and the Stones' early fame: "You kind of always say that it was great to get the band going the very first time, because you start to be successful the first year or first couple of years and like, all your little teenage dreams (laughs) are sort of coming true. And so, you feel very young and you're very ambitious and you're starting to be successful and that feels very good. Like, getting your first job, isn't it, y'know?"

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