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Paul Stanley says that despite his high profile life on reality TV, Gene Simmons isn't the driving force behind Kiss. Stanley, who co-founded the band with Simmons in 1973, spoke candidly about his partner to the anythingkiss.blogspot, saying, "He gets attention for reasons that have nothing to do with what I do. It's not a slight, but I'm busy living life, not creating a life for television. There is no such thing as reality television. There's reality and there's television. I find it interesting though, when, because of those activities, some people have a sense of Gene's role in the band being far greater than what it actually is. There's a little transference because he somehow gets given a certain cache which is a little distorted. But so be it, my life is full and spectacular."

While talking to Reuters, Stanley was asked if he still hangs out with the Kiss members offstage, and answered: "Well, Gene Simmons lives five minutes away -- I can see his ego from here (laughs). We have a great relationship, and the key is knowing its limitations. If you want a family, go have one, as a band isn't a family. It may start out like that, but if it evolves into something else you haven't lost anything. I told this other very famous band, well-known for all their in-fighting, 'Look, if you make magic on stage, anything else is a bonus. Be thankful for that.'"

A while back we caught up with Paul Stanley and asked him how he feels about Simmons' high profile persona apart from the band. Stanley explained that Simmons is free to do whatever he likes -- as long as it doesn't negatively impact Kiss: "I think Gene has earned the right to do whatever he wants to. Gene certainly in all venues has the freedom and the right to do whatever he chooses, as long as it doesn't directly impact on anything that he's only part of. He's come away unscathed 'til now."

Kiss and Motley Crue kick-off their joint tour tonight (July 20th) in Bristow, Virginia at Jiffy Lube Live. Kiss will release their 20th album, Monster, in October.

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