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Pete Townshend says that he quit the Who after their 1982 tour -- not for a full-time solo career, but because he couldn't serve the band's fans. Following the Who's 1982 tour in support of their critically maligned It's Hard album, Townshend had originally hoped to carry on working on studio projects for the band. When a tentative 1984 project called, Siege, failed to materialize, Townshend bought his way out of his record contract with Warner Brothers and closed up shop with the Who.

Townshend, who has reunited numerous times with the group since their 1985 appearance at Live Aid, explained why he effectively broke the band up: "Y'know, when I quit the Who in 1982, I didn't really quit because I was sick of the road; what I felt was that I couldn't serve . . . I, I hesitate to even call it a 'band.' I couldn't serve the brand anymore. The brand being not so much, Pepsi -- so there's the Who and Pepsi as brands -- it's the brand as something that includes the fans. As a writer, I felt that I couldn't use the band to reach the fans anymore, so I quit for a while."

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