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Mick Jagger is busy planning the Rolling Stones' 50th anniversary celebrations, but admits that things are still up in the air. On Thursday (July 12th) the band will be on hand -- 50 years to the day of their first official gig at London's Marquee Club -- to promote their career spanning photo book, The Rolling Stones: 50. Jagger, Keith Richards, Charlie Watts, and Ron Wood will attend the gala premiere of the photographic exhibit for the book at Somerset House, marking the first time all four active Stones have appeared together since the final gig of their A Bigger Bang tour in 2006.

Jagger was asked the inevitable question -- will this next tour really be "the last time" for the Stones?: "Well, I don't know. Y'know, that's the entertaining thing -- you don't really know what's gonna happen. So you do your own planning and try work out what's gonna happen next. So I've been working at what's gonna happen (at) the next Rolling Stones shows, so."

We asked Jagger if while looking back at the Stones first half-century, he focuses on the positive or dwells on the negative: "Bad times. There's lots of bad times in the career. Y'know, the Rolling Stones had a pretty long career and obviously there's been, like, good things and bad things. People die, and y'know. So. . . but I mean I guess most of the times it's been pretty positive."

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