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Reports out of London say that the Who will be officially announcing the dates to their upcoming tour of Quadrophenia -- possibly as early as next week. The tour -- which has already been announced by the band as spreading over the end of 2012 and into 2013 -- will be the Who's first run of extended dates since their 2008 mini-North American trek. The band -- which is now led by co-founders Pete Townshend and Roger Daltrey -- has signed on to headline the Olympic Games closing ceremony on August 12th in London.

Townshend spoke candidly to us about wanting to the Who to take Quadrophenia on the road as soon as possible: "The last time we played it was at a teenage cancer concert at the Royal Albert Hall and I just thought it fabulous. I feel it's time to revisit it -- and I'm talking about the concert that we did in '96 for the Prince's Trust, which we then took on the road in late-'96 and all the way through '97. Y'know, we did 90 shows with it. I've kinda been waiting patiently; this is, this is (laughs) a real reversal, 'cause usually Roger is the one that wants to go on tour and I'm the one going, 'Hey, hold up, I've got this to write and this to do' -- I'm usually the one that's being nagged."

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