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Bruce Springsteen shed some light on the iconic cover to his 1978 classic Darkness On The Edge Of Town. While talking about the deluxe multimedia reissue of the album coming out in November, Springsteen credited the stark photography of New Jersey native Frank Stefanko. "The Boss" talked to Britain's The Guardian and explained how the then-unknown novice photographer created one of the most iconic shots of his career, saying, "He was a guy who'd worked in a meat-packing plant in south Jersey. He got the 13-year-old kid from next door to hold a light. He borrowed a camera. I don't know if he even had a camera! But when I saw the picture I said, 'That's the guy in the songs.' I wanted the part of me that's still that guy to be on the cover. Frank stripped away all your celebrity and left you with your essence. That's what that record was about."

Springsteen touched upon the music contained between the two famous Stefanko photos on the album, admitting, "I was never a visionary like (Bob) Dylan, I wasn't a revolutionary, but I had the idea of a long arc: where you could take the job that I did and create this long emotional arc that found its own kind of richness. 35 years staying connected to that idea. That's why I think the band continues to improve. You can't be afraid of getting old. Old is good, if you're gathering in life. Our band is good at understanding that equation."

Springsteen says that he's comfortable at how his career has evolved, and the freedom of having a lot of music outlets at his disposal, and being able to play whatever material interests him: ["The nice place about where we're at, at this point, is, is we're pretty free to do whatever we want, you know? We can go out and play a little bit if we wanted to, we don't have to have a record out -- sort of not being central is, gives you a lot of freedom to just make your music."] SOUNDCUE (:14 OC: . . . make your music)

CHECK IT OUT: Frank Stefanko's uncut portrait from Darkness On The Edge Of Town:


Frank Stefanko and fellow photographer Danny Clinch have announced a joint New York City show, displaying their iconic images of "The Boss." Because of the size of the prints being exhibited, the show, called From Darkness To A Dream, will open at both The Morrison Hotel and the adjacent Morrison Hotel Gallery Loft in Soho on October 14th, and run through mid-November.

Clinch, who has been Springsteen's most trusted photographer of recent years will be showing shots from photo sessions from the modern era -- including the Magic and Working On A Dream albums. Stefanko was responsible for countless legendary images of Springsteen in the '70s and early '80s, including the covers to Darkness On The Edge Of Town and The River.

The Thom Zimny-directed documentary The Promise: The Making Of 'Darkness On The Edge Of Town' premieres on September 14th at the Toronto International Film Festival and debuts on HBO on October 7th.

Bruce Springsteen will next perform on November 3rd at New York's Beacon Theatre as part of the New York Comedy Festival fundraiser Stand Up for Heroes. The show will benefit the Bob Woodruff Foundation. Also slated to appear are Jerry Seinfeld, Tony Bennett, and host Jon Stewart.

The Promise: The 'Darkness On The Edge Of Town' Story box set will be released on November 16th. The new package features long-awaited studio versions of "Fire" -- given away to the Pointer Sisters; "Rendezvous" -- given to Greg Kihn; and "Because The Night" -- which became Patti Smith's first major hit.

The box set will include the first remastered version of the Darkness album, along with two CD's of previously unreleased outtakes, an 80-page notebook, three DVD's -- featuring The Promise: The Making of 'Darkness on the Edge Of Town' documentary; a private 2009 E Street Band performance of the Darkness album in it's entirety; various footage of Springsteen in concert and rehearsal with the band from 1976, '77, and '78; and the full in-concert video feed of the December 8th, 1978 concert at Houston's The Summit.

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