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Mick Jagger hints at 2014 Rolling Stones gigs


Fans are already buzzing over the prospects of a 2014 Rolling Stones tour after Mick Jagger remarked how happy this year's outing was for the band. Earlier this week, Jagger accompanied longtime squeeze and designer L'Wren Scott to the Harper’s Bazaar Women Of The Year Awards in London, where Scott snagged the tastemaker prize and Mick was able to talk about the Stones' recent festival gigs, telling The Evening Standard, "This summer was really good for us. I feel really happy and I had a really fantastic time in the last year. It was a great ending at Glastonbury and Hyde Park."

When pressed about more Stones shows, Jagger said, "We were blown away. I'd love to do it again."

After more than 50 years of performing live, Mick Jagger has learned how to read an audience within minutes of hitting the stage every night: "The audience is, like, very enthusiastic, or maybe medium enthusiastic, or they seem a bit tired, or they've been in the heat all day. And you can tell from their reaction in the first few minutes how the audience is gonna be, and how you should approach the mood of the concert. You watch them and you listen. And also, you have to hear how the sound is. Sometimes, it's, like, a good balance onstage -- sometimes it's not, and you have to adjust things and you tell the sound guy, 'That's too loud . . . that's not loud enough.' And how is the band playing? Are they kind of playing well straight away, or are they a little bit lackadaisical -- or whatever. So, y'know, that first five minutes is really key.“

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