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Jimmy Page reportedly nixed '12.12.12' Led Zeppelin reunion performance


Film producer Harvey Weinstein says that Led Zeppelin did not appear at last year's 12.12.12 concert for Hurricane Sandy relief due to Jimmy Page passing on the charity gig. Ultimate Classic Rock reported that Weinstein was on hand at the Toronto International Film Festival for the screening of the 12.12.12 documentary, and revealed that he pulled out all the stops to ensure that Zeppelin appeared -- even asking former President Bill Clinton and President Obama to personally lobby the guitarist so that the Zeppelin reunion could help raise funds for the suffering and displaced Easterners.

Weinstein said: "We get an OK from (Robert) Plant if Page will do it. . . Jimmy Page doesn't want to do it. Bill (Clinton) talked to the group and Jimmy told him no. Jimmy Page struck out Obama and Bill Clinton. . . that will live on in infamy."

Jimmy Page explained that the recently released Celebration Day CD/DVD of Zeppelin's 2007 London reunion concert was a chance to rectify some of Zeppelin's less-than-stellar post-breakup reunion performances: "We had the opportunity to get together again -- which is what we had there, to do the O2 -- with those, y'know, things that left us a bit uncomfortable like the Live Aid and Atlantic 40th (anniversary concert), etc. But we really just wanted to get it right and go out there to play to people who maybe never heard us, who had heard about this reputation and what we're about, and basically go out and stand out and be counted for what we were."

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