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Out today on DVD and Blu-ray is the critically acclaimed Rolling Stones documentary, Crossfire Hurricane. The film includes substantial amounts of previously unreleased footage both on and off the stage, and was directed by noted filmmaker Brett Morgen, best known for his groundbreaking 2002 doc on movie mogul Robert Evans, The Kid Stays In The Picture. Crossfire Hurricane premiered last year on HBO and features never before seen footage of the band spanning their 50-year career. The doc includes newly conducted interviews with past and present band members Mick Jagger, Keith Richards, Charlie Watts, Ron Wood, Bill Wyman, and Mick Taylor. Late co-founder Brian Jones is featured through archival interviews.

Morgen told us that he had to forge his own way artistically to reveal the story that Crossfire Hurricane ultimately tells: "When Mick hired me to make the film, there was no script, there was no agenda other than 'We want something under two hours. We don't want a mini-series, and we want it to sort of commemorate our 50th anniversary.' And I said to him on our first call, 'You can't do 50 years in two hours, or you're getting nothing more than Cliff Notes to history and nobody's going to be happy.' I said, 'If I'm going to do this film, I'm going to find a story. I'm going to lock on to that story and that's gonna tell us when this movie begins and when this movie ends.'"

Crossfire Hurricane is different than most Stones documentaries in that it only showcases a section of the band's career, and for the most part ignores anything past the late-'70s: "I know Mick was really unhappy with the fact that I was ending the film where I did. His fear was that we were dismissing the last 25 years of the Rolling Stones. I was like, 'I'm not dismissing the last 25 years, you guys have probably put out some great material, but I just can't get it all in here.'"

The Rolling Stones will next perform on Saturday (May 25th) at Toronto's Air Canada Centre.

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