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An expert gardener from England has declared that plants love to listen to the music of Black Sabbath. According to the U.K.'s Guardian, gardening wizard Chris Beardshaw recently launched an experimental program to determine the effects of different kinds of music on flora, saying that the crunching, doom-laden sounds of Sabbath "worked wonders on a greenhouse full of plants."

Beardshaw set up four different greenhouses to eliminate any one-time anomalies, with different sounds in each one, and found that heavy metal was easily the plants' preferred choice. He explained, "We had one that was silent -- that was a control house -- and we had one that was played classical music, we had one that was played Cliff Richard and we had one that was played Black Sabbath . . . It was alstroemerias we were growing and we bombarded these glasshouses with sound for the life of the plant."

Beardshaw said that the plants in the control house grew the longest, while the ones in the greenhouse with classical music were slightly shorter. But he added, "The ones with Black Sabbath . . . they were the shortest, but they had the best flowers and the best resistance to pest and disease."

Perhaps heavy music is the key to staying alive for Sabbath singer Ozzy Osbourne as well? Ozzy admitted a while back that he didn't know how he's managed to stay alive after abusing himself for years: "I'm not a f***ing doctor. I keep saying that. You know, I'm just a very lucky guy that I ain't six foot under shoving daisies up, you know. I'm like the laboratory rat that survives, you know."

Black Sabbath's new album, 13, arrives on June 11th, so if you have any plants around the house, you might want to consider putting them near the speakers when you play the record.

The band just launched a world tour in support of the new disc, with dates starting in New Zealand an Australia.

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