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Mick Fleetwood maintains that Fleetwood Mac's Rumours continues to connect with fans because it's timeless music. With the band gearing up for an extended world tour and having just released a multi-disc version of the 1977 blockbuster, Fleetwood spoke about how important the album was for him personally, telling The Telegraph, "It shaped me as a person, because we went through a damage, making that album. I know it sounds like, 'Oh my God, when will those people grow up?' Well, the reality was maybe we didn't actually ever grow up. But it's never too late. We're not finished yet."

Fleetwood went on to explain the basic strengths of the album: "There's a duality to the album. It sparks all of the personal stuff but I don't listen to the music differently. I'm really happy that we didn't overproduce, because we were all of a mindset of being pure. It's not full of fluff and, to my perception, it doesn't sound dated, because there's no weird echoes or plastic drums. A lot of our contemporaries were doing funny things in the studio that spoils stuff from that period. But Rumours could have been made yesterday. . . It's good therapy . . It's this mutant thing, with a life of its own. Rumours is who we are"

Mick Fleetwood told us that the band's second act, which began with 1997's The Dance, proves that if anything, Fleetwood Mac's fan base has grown stronger: "This band is a long way from being forgotten about. I'm pleasantly surprised, but I, I'm not surprised, because I always felt that this band had that power, still. I was very confident that if we were to have ever done this, that it was gonna go very well."

Fleetwood Mac will kick off its 48-date North American tour on April 4th at Columbus, Ohio's Nationwide Arena.

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