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Buckcherry has released the official music video for "Gluttony," the first single from the band's upcoming album Confessions. The clip was shot in November in Los Angeles, with many of the extras arriving through an open casting call. Singer Josh Todd told Loudwire about the track, "It's just about trying to control your behavior. They always say that you have to do everything in moderation and that's never been my experience. One is okay, two is better, three is fantastic and four is the best. I want to consume everything, I want to go big or go home. I'm either on 11 or I'm asleep."

Todd added, "That's my problem, that's my struggle, trying to moderate -- that's what 'Gluttony' is about. It's like, 'I want it, I need it, I love it' and everything that feels good to me, I want to overdo it. It's just who I am and I don't understand why I can't do it."

Confessions is due out on February 13th and is a loose concept album that revolves around the notion of the seven deadly sins.

The album's lyrics were inspired by events in Todd's childhood and the disc will be released in conjunction with a short film co-written by the vocalist.

The band will join Kid Rock as special guests on his upcoming Rebel Soul tour, beginning February 2 in Kansas City, Missouri.

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