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Pete Townshend is busy promoting his new memoir, Who I Am. and will appear today (October 11th) signing copies of the book at Ridgewood, New Jersey's Bookends book store at 6 p.m. In addition to appearing on ABC's The View, he's already sat down for a two-hour Q&A at the New York Public Library to discuss the autobiography.

Townshend explained that in addition to making the book a good read, the truthfulness needed to ring true to his life: "I had to write the truth as I saw it and I remembered it. Now that's a very strange truth, because everybody''s memory is different and then I knew that there would be arguments with my friend Barney (Richard Barnes) later on, when he said, 'That didn't happen this way' or 'That didn't happen that way.' I'm getting a bit of that now with old friends who say, 'No, that's not what happened.' And I said, 'Listen, I have to tell my story my way.' But this was an honest. . . for me, it had to be what I believed to be the truth."

Pete Townshend's Who I Am book appearances include the following stops:

October 11 - Ridgewood, NJ - Bookends
October 12 - Boston, MA - Barnes & Noble in Prudential Center
October 12 - Boston, MA - Berklee Performance Center

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