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Creed singer Scott Stapp has been making the publicity rounds in support of his newly published memoir, Sinner's Creed, and while making an appearance on VH1 recently he shared a bizarre and never-before-revealed 2006 incident: Stapp admitted that he had attempted suicide and was rescued by, of all people, rapper T.I..

Stapp said that he had checked into Miami's Delano Hotel while on a drug binge a few years back and soon began to hear voices in his head thanks to his substance abuse and lack of sleep. Finally, thinking he was trapped in an asylum, Stapp tried to kill himself by hurling himself off his balcony, falling 40 feet and suffering a broken hip and fractured skull. He explained, "I laid out there for two and a half hours and my guardian angel showed up -- rapper T.I. He immediately took care of the situation and saved my life."

Stapp added that T.I. had just happened to take the only room in the hotel still vacant -- and it was right under the ledge on which the injured Stapp was perched.

The rapper corroborated the story to VH1, saying, "Me and my partner, Phil, we checked into the hotel, we stepped out on the balcony, and . . . we heard groans, moans, just sounds coming from the ceiling above the balcony, so we stepped back and we looked up and we saw that there was a dude up there."

T.I. and his friend called the police and an ambulance to get Stapp down, and T.I. only found out a few days later that he had rescued the singer for Creed.

Stapp and Creed will regroup to begin work on their fifth studio album early in 2013, after Creed guitarist Mark Tremonti finishes his current touring cycle behind his debut solo effort, All I Was.

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