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Peter Frampton will be world premiering his Frampton Comes Alive - 35th Anniversary Tour concert film on November 12th at the IMAX Theater at Montreal Science Center. In addition to the regular $50 ticket to see the film, which culls Frampton's favorite performances from his recent tour, a special $150 ticket gets you the chance to enter early, rub shoulders with Frampton, as well as get a free DVD copy of the concert flick, and the chance to get Frampton to sign your memorabilia.

All proceeds go to the Saku Koivu Foundation, whose main function is to "raise funds for the advancement and ongoing development of Montreal General Hospital services and facilities."

Peter Frampton told us that he's able to do such a musically varied show because of his touring band, which can literally nail anything Frampton throws at them: "The good thing about this band; Stanley Sheldon from the Comes Alive! album and I'm In You and Where I Should Be is back after many years. So this band has changed a little in as much as we're able to capture more of the old feel as well as the new feel of the more recent stuff. We have changed things up; every time we come out we do 'Show Me The Way' -- each year, we change it up."

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