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It's the news we've been waiting six years to hear -- the Rolling Stones will be back onstage this fall, according to Ultimate Classic Rock. Mick Jagger, who had recently admitted that the reason why the Stones weren't joining Paul McCartney and the Who in this summer's Olympic live festivities was because they weren't "stage ready," told The Evening Standard that the band would be back on the boards "this autumn."

Jagger went on to say, "You will definitely be seeing us all together soon. It's been great fun being back together and there's a lot of memories in here. I can't believe it's been 50 years. We've been hanging out together, seeing quite a bit of each other and we want to do some gigs."

Don Was, the Stones' producer for nearly two decades sat in with the band, playing bass for their recent jam sessions -- some of which will end up in the band's 50th anniversary documentary. He spoke about the experience to Billboard, explaining, "It was intoxicating, man. They're the best band ever -- really. It's a joy to play with them. They get a groove going. . . I was situated to the left of Keith (Richards), with Charlie (Watts) on my left, and you can ride that all day. It's an amazing groove cushion. It was fun. I was really sorry to see it end."

He went on to shed some light on the band's 50th anniversary plans, saying: "They're getting together, and there's a number of plans on the table, but what they'll do is still coming together."

Mick Jagger told us that even 50 years into a career a band needs to constantly change and evolve to keep growing: "You have to keep yourself from repeating yourself. It's very difficult to do in anything; whether you're a writer or a journalist or a painter or whatever. So you have to. . . especially the rock business is very narrow. It's like a political party with very few views in it. And as soon as you stay from it, everyone goes, 'Wo, oh no! Wait a minute!' If you do a rock show with 25 half-naked dancers everyone will go, 'Oh, no -- but it's awful! Y'know, you can't do that.'"

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