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Name: Paula Musgrove From: St. Louis, MO Works at: Paula is a therapist at a major local hospital. Paula has been listening to KSHE for over 40 years. She loves the Lone Klassic and The 7th Day. Paula loves the KSHE format, classic rock music, the promotion of El Monstero and...
Sweetmeat hangs out with listeners at the Race for the Rivers on August 29th!
Richard Fortus is a really nice guy. He's from STL and started his career back in the day with Pale Divine and others. He's also been a member of Guns 'n Roses for a long time so if anyone knows about this reunion stuff with Slash, Richard would. But he doesn't quite spill any...
It's the KSHE Birthday Concert featuring Real Rock Museum Hall of Famer’s REO Speedwagon on Friday, November 13th at Peabody Opera House!
KSHE hangs with listeners before the Yes & Toto show at The Family Arena on August 19th!
Sweetmeat hangs out with listeners before the Foo Fighters show at Hollywood Casino Amphitheatre on August 19th!