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Weekend Update: July 17th, 2017

Concerts, Ornaments, and A Lot of Food

Carl's Weekend:

Friday: After the show went to my remote at Hardee's where we registered for the Hawg Days of Summer. Thanks to everyone who watched on Facebook Live. My family surprised me at the remote and afterwards we went to Grant's Farm to relax. For dinner we traveled to Saint Charles for pizza at Dewey's before heading to the Family Arena for our sister station's NOW Night Out featuring AJR & Flo Rida. My wife said I misunderstood her and she really wanted to go to Florida. (General Admission seating is a really bad idea.) 


Saturday: Busy morning with Hallmark Christmas Ornaments coming out and my daughter having a swim meet - she did really well. (I almost did really well - I didn't win the 3-pack of ornaments. I used to go to the store in Crestwood, but now I'm looking for a new place to call mine) The afternoon was spent in Hazelwood at the Midwest Clearance Center with awesome deals & some Kona Ice. The rest of the afternoon and evening was spent running errands & getting stuff done. My daughter made us Time for Dinner's chicken spedini.


Sunday: After we watched the Doctor Who 13th Doctor announcement it was yard work, peach & blackberry picking at Eckert's. It was dinner at LoRusso's as we congratulated Rich & Teri for winning the A-List. 


Nick's Weekend:

Friday: After a very fun intern day on the Morning Rock Show, I went and forced myself to work out before I inevitably fell asleep. After a great nap, my friends Brendan, Michelle and I went to NOW Night Out at the Family Arena to see Flo Rida. Afterwards, we tried our best to go out but once we got back to my house all our motivation went down the drain. We ended up watching the epitome of late night television, poker, and calling it an early night.


Saturday: Getting as much sleep as possible, I spent most of the day being as lazy as possible with my dog. After running a couple errands, I caught up on House of Cards since I haven’t had any time to watch, and every time I do I fall asleep. That night I went over to a friend’s house for what was meant to be a party that ended up as just our friends hanging around his house. We got just as drunk so same difference.


Sunday: I woke up a lot earlier than expected and headed to church with my mom. Afterwards, we ran errands all day and did a good amount of yard work. After a great dinner with my parents I headed back home to watch more House of Cards and get prepared for another show in the morning. 

Weekend Update: July 17th, 2017

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Carl saw Nick at the Family Arena.

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