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Concert Review: STEVIE NICKS

Lern and Carl review the 24Karat Gold Tour at Family Arena

Stevie Nicks toured through St. Louis on Wednesday night bringing her 24 Karat Gold tour through Family Arena. It was not sold out but the energy was definitely present for her 18-song set. She told stories regarding the beginning of her solo career and working with Jimmy Iovine on Bella Donna. She confessed her deep adoration for fellow musicians like Tom Petty, Prince and the Foo Fighters. Stevie was very talkative but the crowd was attentively paying close attention. 

Her stage presence was perfect and what you would expect. Draped in a simple black ensemble with the legendary (and $2000) shawls. Stevie twirled, she nervously clutched to her crystal-strewn mic stand as she explained her creativity and she connected to the audience at Family Arena. 

Lern bought front row and had the time of her life! 

Listen to the on air review here: 



  1. Gold and Braid
  2. If Anyone Falls
  3. Stop Draggin' My Heart Around
  4. Belle Fleur
  5. Gypsy
  6. Wild Heart
  7. Bella Donna
  8. Enchanted
  9. New Orleans
  10. Starshine
  11. Moonlight (A Vampire's Dream)
  12. Stand Back
  13. Crying in the Night
  14. If You Were My Love
  15. Gold Dust Woman
  16. Edge of Seventeen
  17. Rhiannon
  18. Landslide

Concert Review: STEVIE NICKS

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Stevie Nicks
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