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Local Produce: Episode 2 - Fivefold

Thursday, August 22nd at Pop's I witnessed my first Fivefold experience, and it was literally just that -- an experience. Not only was I watching them open up for 10 Years, a national rock band that we have played on KSHE many times, but I also got a chance to chill in their band-van, to whom they have named, "Dorris." I haven't been in a van with 5 dudes in awhile...wait, what? :)

Fivefold is guessed it...a five-pack of young men all ranging in ages from 23 - 30, who most of them originated their love for music and talent from the Arnold and Festus areas of St Louis. This group of guys is not the original band because like all bands, there have been some heartaches and changes that they have endured since 2007.Nonetheless, this will forever be the Fivefold I came to know:

Ryan Cheney - the bald and bearded vocalist who's nickname, "BabyDude" does not comply with the how much he can administrate a venue and throw down on a set of lungs.

Matt Benne - the guitarist who can almost look sinnister at times, but is truly a dry, authentic guy with just enough 'guitarist sex appeal' that makes the ladies scream for more and the guys in the crowd never take their camera phones off him.

Jake 'Scooter' Harrington - lands the skinny, neck-tat-toting, energetic and crowd-reactive guitarist who can ignite not only his friends in the crowd, but welcomes everyone into the moment that he is having on stage with his band. He does not stop.

Derrick Huskey - is one serious drummer, who gets more into the vocals than most drummers I have seen especially on a local level...headbanging and drumming is an art form not too many can aquire.

Jordan "CoCo" Murray - formally of Killer Me, Killer You who is a guitarist, is currently learning bass while being the new bassist for Fivefold -- and that is amazing to me. I don't know too many people that can just learn along the way during a live show. He's impressive.

Here is the interview from Dorris -

My overall opinion of them is "I will be seeing them again." I haven't been into too much new stuff lately, I have been in a musical lull and it blows. I was by myself watching them play, taking it in after our interview, and noticing their personalities on stage turn into performers but unlike so many, they still kept their heart in tact for a bunch of dudes who have their currently released songs nailed, and a new EP on the way (due out October 19th @ Pop's). I wrote to Matt Benne after their set that I was so impressed, and I am. They had me talking about them when I got home, talking about them when I woke up, and still listening to "The Story" that is in my cd player in my car as I type.

These guys are going somewhere, and I am genuinely excited to see how far they take it, and where. I wouldn't be surprised if they don't blow up in the next year.

Make sure to check out their tracks here:
They are also on facebook:

xx Lern

Local Produce: Episode 2 - Fivefold

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Local Produce: Episode 2 - Fivefold


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