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Ron Gibson

Listener of the Day - Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Name: Ron Gibson

From: Godfrey, IL

Works at: Retired Crane Operator

Ron has been listening to KSHE since the very beginning in December, 1967!

Ron’s aunts and uncles used to listen to KSHE on a little bitty FM radio, and that’s how he fell in love with it. KSHE is the only station he listens to now, and he’s turned many people on to KSHE!

Ron loves the music and DJ’s on KSHE! He says they always seem to play the right songs!

 KSHE songs that get Ron throughout the day!

Led Zeppelin – Physical Graffiti

Lynyrd Skynyrd – Freebird

AC/DC – Big Balls – Hells Bells

Pink Floyd – Dark Side of the Moon – Shine On You Crazy Diamond

Bob Seger – Night Moves – Katmandu

Nickelback – Million Miles an Hour

Eagles -- Desperado

Congratulations to Ron Gibson from Godfrey, IL our "Listener of the Day” today!

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