The next generation of radio is here - High Definition. KSHE 95 is now broadcasting in Digital HD, which means that if you have an HD Receiver, you can enjoy crystal-clear, CD quality sound from your radio. Want to learn more about HD Radio? Click HERE.

KSHE-2 Free Form Classic Rock94.7 HD-2 - KSHE-2

The huge gain in audio quality is not the only advantage to HD radio. In addition to being able to listen to KSHE 95 in crystal-clear HD quality, you also get access to new content like 94.7 HD-2 KSHE-2 "Free Form Classic Rock".


KSHE2 Free Form Classic Rock is a music lovers radio station! It is programmed like the original FM Underground stations in that music is played in “sets”(One song relates to another). There are more than 5,000 songs in the still growing library. Each week night at 9P, CDs are played in their entirety. KSHE2 is a “non-commercial” commercial radio station. Our sponsors are referred to as underwriters and KSHE2 uses a Public Broadcasting format. At the beginning of each hour their will be no more than 4 20 second announcements. Once the music starts there is no interruption!

Great deal of attention is paid to keeping the audio quality of the music at its highest. Rock lovers all over the St. Louis area recognize KSHE2 as an intelligent presentation of some of the best music ever made!